Board's Statement

“Meeting the Challenges”

Our markets lie on the greatest Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry and also has the greatest opportunities for new engineering solutions, manufacturing and other ways to grow our business.

Looking forward to future, we can be certain of one thing: there will be substantial growth in these markets. In Middle East, it expected to grow rapidly, there will be huge opportunities for trade, knowledge and skills transfer as well as wealth creation in which we operate.

We believe there are five ways to be a force for good whilst delivering value for us:


  • Leadership

We can help bring sustainable solutions to our markets by using our experience of providing technical services for over 25 years in manufacturing services. At Sina Control, leadership also means leading by example. This is why we pay so much attention to responsible business practice and on reducing our own environmental impacts.


  • Delivering New Products to New Markets

At Sina Control, in September 2010, we committed to take a lead role in the manufacturing of process packages in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry. We studied these subjects, and lead our R&D group on these targets by using expert technical staff from operation and engineers in well-known companies.


  • Being the Right Partner

Sustainability extends beyond Sina Control itself to include our relationships with governments, customers, communities and suppliers. We are partner with like-minded organizations and the world economic and the global business company, to ensure we turn aspiration into tangible results.


  • Being Successful

Our success allows us to contribute to local industries by facilitating trade, increasing human resource capabilities, supporting businesses and investing in local communities. We are proud of what we have achieved these years. We are particularly proud of how we have turned our thinking and ambition to be a force for good into tangible business opportunities. Global sustainability is not an easy goal to achieve, but our well mind will be key to its delivery. We will continue to focus on a comprehensive agenda to build a sustainable business.


  • Safety, Environment and Occupational Health

We recognize the importance of the human resources, being the real wealth and the most
prominent factors of its success. Therefore, it continuously pays due attention to developing
and updating safety procedures in order to create appropriate working conditions for occupational health, safeguard the environment to protect personnel, preserve its assets from risks, spread environmental awareness in society and abide by responsible care toward sustainability and ensuring business continuity.

We also continuously provide and organizes lectures and awareness-raising campaigns on safety, security, occupational health and environmental protection to raise awareness of all
personnel, which contributes to making Sina Control Co. a safe working environment. Sina Control Co. also trains its personnel in all areas of security and safety, occupational health and the environment to prepare, qualify and develop them to operate and maintain Sina Control’s plants safely.