Company Overview

Sina Control group is an Engineering and Manufacturing company, which services more than two decades in Oil, Gas & petrochemical industries. SINA Control strengthens its engineering art, technology know-how, procurement and construction (EPC) experience to deliver complex process packages for Oil, Gas & Petrochemical plants. 

The company is located in Shiraz and the factory is based in Shiraz industrial city, with more than 5000 m² of closed salon furnished with precise machine park including rolling machines, cutting machines, drills, welding machines, milling machines, turning machines and other necessary machinery. 

Sina Control has been started with designing and manufacturing the flow elements such as Orifices, Multi-hole& multi-stage Restriction orifices, Meter run, Pitot tube, Flow nozzles and Venturi tubes.

The plants have several small packages and mostly become the critical point for leading process solution. Since 2010 and based on our professional engineering and manufacturing team we developed our portfolio toward “Process Package”.

Our particular focus has led to a considerable increase in the environmental protection as well as performance of plants. To meet the challenges, we provide high-quality material and custom-built process packages for the most complex plant processes.

These packages would arrive on site, ready to operate and are built to minimize the day-to-day attention required to construct, start-up and operation. They are provided completely assembled by the means of all the Piping, Vessel, Exchangers, Structural, Instrumentation, Control system, and Electrical, on a wide range in following applications.

  • Hydrogen Production plant, based on Reforming and PSA package
  • Dehydration Package
  • Gas Sweetening Package
  • Refrigeration Package
  • Methane Purification Package (MPU)
  • Gas Membrane Recovery Package:
    • Hydrocarbon recovery package
    • Propylene recovery package
    • Monomer recovery package
    • Seal gas recovery package
    • Ethylene recovery package (PE, EO/EG) production