Process Description:

PSA package product stream of high purity hydrogen and a Tail Gas stream contains the impurities. The tail gas stream is sent to outside of package battery limit via pipeline and could be consumes as the Fuel Gas. In PSA package, any adsorbent material has specific binding capabilities for different gas components. Therefore, the absorber beds designed with different layers of adsorbent material to separate hydrogen from a mixture of various


The PRESSURE SWING ADSORPTION (PSA) process for hydrogen purification utilizes the different loading capacities of adsorbent at different pressures to separate a gas mixture into its components. Loading capacity of an adsorbent is the amount of gas that can bound by weight unit of adsorbent material. The extent to which an adsorbent can be loaded increases in general with the partial pressure of the gas component.

The Benefits:

PSA process is one of the best solutions to provide high purity hydrogen for different purposes. High purity Hydrogen is necessary for process which are sensitive to contaminants, even in low concentration. Unexpected contaminants may affect unit products or poison its catalysts.