Inspection and Test Plan

This procedure describes inspection procedure on the manufacturing items for the projects based on the quality control plan issued by the client and the related standards such as ASME Sec.VIII Div.1, ASME Sec .IX, API 578 and etc.

Material Inspection

Sina Control prior to fabrication will check the heat number and Chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure that the all materials are as per the client request. Materials shall be free from injurious defects, such as surface flaw and lamination and these will be visually inspected.

Welding Procedure & Welder Performance Qualification

All welding procedure specifications will be prepared in accordance with ASME Sect. IX and Job Spec. The test procedures and acceptance standards of welding procedure qualification are in accordance with the requirement, in ASME Sec.lX and Job Spec. Welding are performed by the qualified welders in accordance with the requirements in ASME Sect. IX.

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)

If required by applicable code or specified the approved drawing by the Owner the post weld heat treatment will be performed in accordance with the applicable code (ASME Sect. IX) and PWHT procedure approved Owner.

Visual and Dimensional Inspection

After completion of manufacturing, all the items will be visually inspected to be within the acceptance criteria. Dimensions of the parts will be checked to meet drawing as approved by Owner, and their records will be submitted to Owner.

Nondestructive Examination

Radiographic examination (RT) Radiographic examination will be in accordance with ASME code Sec.Vlll , Div.1 para.UW-51 and UW-52 – Liquid Penetrate Examination (Pt) Liquid penetrant examination and acceptance criteria shall be per ASME code Sec.V Article 6 and ASME code Sec .VIII Appendix 8 and ASTM E 165.

Hydrostatic Test

Hydrostatic pressure test will be in accordance with ASME code Sec.Vlll , Div.2.

Painting & Rust Preventation Inspection

Painting will be performed according to Sina Control procedure or approved client painting procedure.