Process Description:
The goal for Refrigeration Unit in industrial scale is cooling down of a process stream (vapor or liquid) to a lower temperature, by means of a circulated closed loop. Closed loop circuit, which is called refrigerant, mostly is Propane, Propylene, ammonia, R-134a or other type of gases which selected by consideration of required temperature, environmental situation, availability, cost, …

Briefly, each industrial Refrigeration Unit cycle consist of Five main components:

  • Evaporator (Chiller), a Kettle Type Shell& Tube Exchanger
  • Compressor, Screw or Centrifugal Type
  • Condenser, Air Cooler or Water Cooler Exchanger
  • Receiver, Pressure Vessel
  • Expansion Equipment, mostly Control Valve

The Benefits:
Industrial Refrigeration Units is our expertise. SINA Control is responsible for whole package Design, Fabrication, Delivery and Guarantees.

SINA Control design futures and benefits on refrigeration Unit are:

  • Most competitive price due to maximum usage of local equipment and capabilities
  • Use of high efficiency Oil Injected Screw Type Compressor (API-619), equipped to internal Slide Valve and by-pass control system, in order to prevent over pressure
  • Supply of compressor unit from world-wide/ well known manufacturers

Package is fabricated as modular, therefore it is installed and ready to use in the shortest possible time