Venturi Tube ( Machine Type )

Venturi Tubes has an accurate measurement of non-viscous fluids in clean or dirty streams. It is a low-pressure-drop metering device and with inlet angle. The outlet cones help to control the pressure recovery and making the venturi tubes the most efficient of all the differential meters available. The flow calculation is performed according to the ISO 5167- Part4. They can be designed for square, rectangular or of any shaped duct. They can have end flanges for mounting or can directly be butt welded to the pipe/duct. Also a venturi tube are the best solution if minimum straight upstream and downstream length is available. For each venturi tube an entrance cylinder, convergent cone section, cylindrical bore, and a divergent cone section shall be designed based on the following criteria: The convergent section shall be conical and shall have an included angle of 21⁰ + 1⁰ for all types of classical venture tube. The throat length shall be equal to d. The divergent section shall be conical and may have an included angle of 7⁰ and 15⁰. It is however recommended that an angle between 7⁰ and 8⁰ to be chosen.

Venturi Tube ( Rough Weld )

Classical Venturi Tube, Rough Welded Sheet-Iron type is according to ISO5167. This type of classical venturi tube can be used in pipes with diameter between 200 mm and 1200mm and with diameter ratios between 0.4 and 0.7 inclusive.