Process Description:

The aim of MPU is production of mostly pure Methane Gas, which will be in Ethylene Oxide production plant as Ballast gas for reactor loop. Package contains four different steps of Adsorption/ Reaction process, take place in fixed bed reactors. Its Process brought beneath:

  • Organic Sulfur Hydrogenation
  • H2S Adsorption
  • Steam Reforming
  • Methanation


The Benefits:

The advantages of using Methane as ballast gas in EOEG plants are:

  • Increasing life cycle of EO Catalyst
  • Lowering Nitrogen Consumption
  • Lowering Oxygen Consumption
  • Decreasing Hot Spot Temperature in Reactors
  • Possibility to increase reactants concentration
  • Increasing Catalyst Selectivity
  • Increasing Production of EO
  • Reduction in Recycle Gas Compressor Power
  • Preventing flooding in EO Absorption Column
  • Decreasing Delta P in CO2 Absorber